i felt like i lived only because of her.

she was the one good reason left

(the one i could count on.)

it turned out i couldn’t count on her.

and i found out, when wisdom reached me,

that it wasn’t fair to put so much onto one person.

now i live for me.

i live to learn, to discover, to talk, to listen.

i live to ponder.

and i live despite the fact that i do not know why i live.

or how to live.

and i see the cycle repeat, in someone else.

(is this how a parent feels?)

knowing there is nothing i can say to explain to them.

live for yourself and others will be drawn to that.

instead of clinging tight, making them everything

while they search for someone who greets life as an equal.


~ by youcouldfeelthesky on May 5, 2008.

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