God is a parent?

is God so insecure that my worship is needed?

would not a god be proud that his created progeny is capable and desires to search out new answers, even if it means that those same creatures “outgrow” the God that created them?

the way that religion (that I’ve come into contact with) seems to portray God is like a parent who never lets go. won’t let the child become more than them, or search for other things. humans are capable of letting their children grow and leave them. what kind of God would be angry (or send us to hell) because we no longer need as we did when we were children?

these questions might make it seem like I have bitterness to God. whether God exists or not, if I am to believe, it would be in a God that was logical, intelligent, actually kind. i would say God would be like the greatest person you know x 1,000,000,000. not resembling the craziest world leader you can think of.


~ by youcouldfeelthesky on June 16, 2008.

5 Responses to “God is a parent?”

  1. Good questions. I’ll bite.

    Does he need your worship? Is he insecure? No, and no. Does it make your mother happy if you call her once in a while? Of course it does.

    He does let you leave him. That’s the whole point of having free will. You’re free to go your own way. If you search for truth, you’ll find him, and you’ll realize he was there all the time.

    I think your picture of God is accurate: logical, intelligent, kind, like the greatest person you know amplified. That’s why I love him! I don’t worship him because he needs it, I do it because he’s so awesome!

    Keep questioning and searching.

  2. Fair enough. Mom does like to hear from me.

    But she shouldn’t condemn me to an everlasting hellfire if I choose something different than her choices.

    I think your comment makes abundant sense. It’s just the way God is presented to me through (most) religions that I don’t understand.

    Though, as I think about this more, Mom has hands to pick up the phone too. If I have to make all the phone calls and my parent never speaks, I’m at a loss.

    Humans aren’t Gods however. Some would thus say “It’s not that simple.”

    or maybe I’m too insignificant for God to speak to me or anyone. But then there seems to be a lot of bother about whether I have sex before marriage.

    If my mom never spoke to me, then sent other people to tell me that my choices are wrong, I would find the whole thing a little odd.

    Though, I suppose, if God is in existence and is logical, intelligent, and actually kind, then God understands my brain, understands my concerns, my fears, my inability to accept it’s rulership.

    And if God is as gentle as I would assume, then God must shake his head at humans desire to kill themselves and others off in eternal hellfire (or the like).

  3. Yes, loved ones can and should call you too. He does (you see in nature what you want to see).

    You’re not insignificant. He loves you more than a parent loves a child. You’re right, too many people try to condemn you for things like sex before marriage. That’s not his heart – he offers you life! The choice is yours.

  4. I think this is a great post and a great conversation. It reminds me of an issue that really concerns me; peoples vision of God is painted by what they see in “religious” people. Unfortunately, humans being what they are (selfish by nature, and flawed in so many other ways), not many of us paint a very accurate picture of God. Therefore, most folks see a distorted, often perverted image of God; nothing like the real thing. I think the real God is found in a personal quest for the truth of God. God can show you His true self, by himself.
    I hope you all have a great weekend.

  5. Hell is getting our way…believing that we are at the center of a universe where in fact we are really not the center. We say “my will be done” and God obliges.

    What a hell it would be to find out that God is God and be forced to remain in an everlasting concert of praise and thanksgiving for someone you hate. So God says, you don’t need to be here…hell is the absence of his presence

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