the value of intelligence in society

why are people offended by (not specifically) being called not intelligent, or being called “stupid”?

“Stupid” and “smart” (plus any synonyms) are just terms used to describe. They are neither positive nor negative, or more aptly, they can be either positive or negative, or both at the same time depending on viewpoint and global perspectives.

Perhaps it is good to be “stupid” in that you don’t have all the stress that the “intelligent” people may feel. The adage “Ignorance is bliss.” is repeated for a reason.

Beyond the above, it is seriously obvious (You would have to be stupid NOT to notice) that society in general does not highly value intelligence. If they did, lots of things would be different. Athletes and celebrities would not be paid as much. Scientists however, would be. Funding would be funneled appropriately. Somehow, “stupid” is offensive even though people, in general, don’t particularly value intelligence.

PS. I am reminded of an episode of “Sliders” where they end up somewhere where intelligence is highly valued and highlights the differences.



~ by youcouldfeelthesky on March 26, 2010.

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