experiences stack atop themselves like bricks of Lego

I can’t seem to stop thinking about this concept, safely tucking it under my spatial wings.

Every time you do a certain activity, even as simple as eating ice cream, solidifies it’s own burgeoning identity. It is like a cloud of ice cream eating memories, constantly changing your opinion about ice cream, distorting past memories, manipulating future encounters.

I think about eating ice cream a lot. When I was young, we didn’t get a chance to eat it often at all, and my desire for it was great. Was it because kids love them some sweets? Was it because of the inability to attain it? Perhaps both.

Ice cream just doesn’t hold the same appeal or desire. It is common place for me.

Some days, I intensely crave a simplicity I no longer  seem to be able to attain. I wish to wake up and sit cross-legged, staring out from the middle of a lake,  on the edge of my sparse Japanese style dwelling, meditating, being able to register only the sounds of the untouched world around me.

Such simplicity could bring back the instant smiles at just the thought of things.

In this sense, ignorance really is blissful.


~ by youcouldfeelthesky on March 26, 2010.

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