the end of star trek – the next generation just made me tear up.

because we all grow old and die.

because time flows past us, is ephemeral.

because everything eventually changes.

also, because star trek – the next generation is now over for me.

i will never be sitting at the end of my bed, in downtown toronto, with my girlfriend sleep-breathing beside me, watching seemingly endless star trek tng, while typing blog entries and flashing wm 6.5.3 on my phone.

one day i will look back at this moment, if i can recall it with any clarity and reflect on the days i spent in toronto, on some other terribly vague generalization of the past.

some day i will grow old.

some day i will die.

it isn’t the death that bothers me i suppose, but the knowledge that it is to arrive, the knowledge that everything that happens from when i am born to my eventual death will probably mean nothing in the end.

ah, wasn’t that saturday morning’s cheery rays of sun coming over the horizon?


~ by youcouldfeelthesky on March 27, 2010.

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